ReviewLead Prospect Reports
Fill out the following information in order to run a prospect report for a existing or potential client.

DO NOT send this report directly to the prospective client. Use any compelling info you get back in the proposal.


1. Enter your prospect's info below and click the "Scan My Reviews" button

2. Select the profiles you want to run the report on and click continue

3. Fill out YOUR contact information (Please Note: The system does not automatically send the report anywhere)

IMPORTANT: This prospecting report generator is not 100% accurate due to many variables outside of our control. If you are not getting compelling information back to add to the proposal, search relevant review profiles manually. 

Prospect reports do not have the benefit of detailed review monitoring. Therefore, some data points are *approximated* from the available data. This includes the ratings distributions which are based on review volumes and averages. For more customized reports we recommend setting up a dummy/demo profile in your ReviewLead account where you can enter the industry specific links for prospects as well as a more customized report. 

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