FREE WEBINAR: Exclusive Training From Mike Schmidt - Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency Owner
Exclusive Event Hosted By 
Mike Schmidt, Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency Owner at Anchor Wave
How I Added 6 Figures to My 
Web Company by Adding This
One Easy to Offer Service
THAT DOESN'T Require Cold Calling, Spending Lots of Time, Money or Require Extra Resources 
(and NO IT'S NOT Facebook ads, SEO, Email Marketing, Websites, 
Social Media, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Photography or Video)
Join live and we'll share our strategy that will allow you to generate quality leads 
while on the webinar!  
(The current record is 15 leads in 58 minutes!!!)
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Wednesday, May 2nd
09:00AM PST

@ 12:00PM EST United States

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I'm Giving PRIZES Away Live On The Webinar! :) 

Mike Schmidt 

Web Design Agency Expert, Coach and Speaker
What You'll Learn On This AWESOME Webinar!
Secret #1:
The Easiest "Sale" You'll Ever Make

How would you like to walk away from this training with leads BEFORE the class is over? Every business needs help with this service and I'll show you how to get them FAST.   It doesn't matter if they are new, old, brick & mortar, online, etc..  On this webinar, you'll learn how offering this one service is unlike any sales you've ever made before... it sells itself because they clients will line up asking for your help.
Secret #2:
You Don't Need to Be 
An Expert

You simply don't need to be an expert or have any experience helping businesses with this service to be successful.  On the webinar, we'll explore how to quickly and automatically come up to speed on EVERYTHING you need to know to offer this service.
Secret #3:
It Makes It EASY to Sell More Services

This service is the secret weapon of our web design company.  Learn how we've increased the number of website and digital marketing projects by leveraging this highly effective strategy.  It's almost too easy, and I'll show you how we do it on this webinar.
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